What is D.B.T.?

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

This is a life saving therapy developed by Marsha Linehan, and has been found useful in the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder. Although it was designed for BPD patients, it is also useful to help ease the burden of other mental illnesses or everyday life for those out there that do not suffer a mental illness.

We here at My Life refer to this form of therapy as a Technique for no reason other than we do not offer therapy, we offer peer support in the form of Dialectical Behavioral Techniques. Techniques that we will learn, apply and share with one another.

A dialectic is two opposite ideas that co-exist. Behavior of course is how we may balance those two opposite ideas with one another in our actions; and the technique will be to do this  balancing from a non-judgmental standpoint and search out the nugget of truth supporting both ideas to enable a response or action that ultimately gets us what we want. Which is no doubt, effective behavior. Behavior that we will want to repeat.

This may sound simple, and by definition, it is simple. The doing of course is the not so simple part. We are confident however that effectively balancing those two opposites is more than just possible, but doable. This is the technique that will enable you to say, this is My D.B.T. Life!

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