Peer Support

There are several avenues one can find support for their experiences in life. In mental health, support is a requirement for recovery. Not all of us can get our support from family members or friends, but we need it somewhere. There are those that have much support from their friends and family, still yet some have found that professional support is what they need. To further our options for support however, peer support can also be very helpful. That is what we are.

Peer support is so functional because bettering ourselves  is an ongoing project in our life, and each of us have a little of something to offer one another. We are all at different stages in our recovery, and to utilize each of our strong points to help us all to continue to learn and grow as a group can be the catalyst in the formation of our new lives. That new life being what recovery looks like for each individual. To share experiences, successes, and failures gives everyone of us more to work with. More choices to make, more room to grow. That is what you will find here.

Although the learned skills we will be applying to our lives are from a source of professional work, we are not a group coordinated by a licensed psychologist, or therapist. It is noted that there is much the professional field can do for you and if that is something you have chosen we are not advocating you use peer support in favor of professional help. Rather, peer support can be used together with professional help or for those of us out there that for one reason or another are not using professional help it will improve all of our lives.

We are all in the same boat together, and it is our aim here at "My Life" that we will create a comfortable environment receiving support from persons that are suffering and rejoicing together, because we have all either been there or will be there; so welcome and let's all row together!

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