Saturday, March 21, 2020

Guest Writer #1

I learned a little mental health trick, that may help many of my friends that are starting to feel panicked inside about the current global issue.

I've been studying about mental health & mindfulness for a few years now to help get my head on straight & overcome some personal obstacles that were holding me back. In the process, I learned a saying that has really helped me to stay calm & even increase my happiness during these troubling times.

It's really simple, yet when put to practice it's life-changing. The saying is:


Yesterday [March 19, 2020] I was in the middle of a window cleaning job & I ran to the store to pick up a couple gallons of water for my crew & I was told that I could only purchase one. I was shocked bc I wasn't hoarding them... I literally needed more than one gallon. It caught me off guard, but I thanked the checkout guy & apologized for making them put the water back. When I got out to my van I realized that inside I was starting to panic a little about the unknown future.

Instantly, I remembered... FEELINGS FOLLOW FOCUS, so I decided to focus on something else. All I could think to focus on was love, I needed to look for love because it was the opposite of what I felt inside atm. So I intentionally sat there for a min, just looking across the parking lot for any sign of love. For a min or two, there was nothing, nobody around. But the change in focus felt so good that I sat a few min longer... & forced myself to feel love inside, for no reason other than I wanted to!

Before I knew it, within seconds, a van slowly pulled up in front of me with a woman driving & a man in the passenger seat. I noticed the man reaching into his shopping bag, pull out a single rose & present it to the woman driving. She stopped, directly in front of me & kissed him with a huge smile on her face. They stayed for a moment & exchanged some words with huge smiles on their faces, then slowly drove off.

I realized 2 important things in that moment. One, our entire personal reality is made much more of what we choose to focus on, rather than what is actually happening around us. Two, if we don't like how we feel inside it's most likely because we are focused too much on the wrong things.

I'm not saying to ignore any of this. Be safe, watch real news for a min to find out what is going on around you. But before you become fearful, look for love... It's everywhere!

-Guest Writer (Portland, Oregon USA)

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