Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mental Health Awareness


Everything for this post was originally from EmilioInc.Org - Please take a moment to pop on over and check out the site. Emilio Hoffman and his family may hail from the Pacific Northwest, in the United States - but it touches on a subject that will mean something to us all, no matter where in the world we are from or have found ourselves to be.

Emilio's experience and his family's struggles are shared here, but with a twist that I was surprised to understand. It speaks to the mental health issue, an issue that our society has not put nearly enough attention towards. They are embarking on a journey to make noise and be heard, not to complain or draw negativity down on anyone, but rather to rise above the unending, unimaginable pain of losing their son to violence that was perpetrated by a youth in mental despair. 

I wanted to share the website so that for those that are local, they are "in the know" and for those that are not local, they can draw ideas and understanding to maybe reach out in their neck of the woods to spread mental health awareness further and wider!

Be motivated! Be mentally healthy!


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