Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Life has gotten very hectic. 

We are at semester time for the children and it is a great time to reflect on how this school year has gone. 

This is also a DBT skill. Reassessments. What is important to me and my mental health? What is working and what is not working? What could use some improvement and what could use to be let go of?

In assessing where I am, I have decided that in order to keep functioning as effectively as possible I am suspending Wednesday's group. I have been struggling to make it on time and it has become a source of anxiety when I do not make it. While, at the same time, we have grown quite a bit in that group and have made many leaps and bounds.

Coupled with Jeanne's generous volunteering of her time and effort put forth, keeping Saturday's group going strong and consistent, I am able to confidently rely on My DBT Life to still offer a group, it will just be on Saturday's at 5 pm Pacific - only. In order to access the group, please email me at mj@mydbtlife.com.

I want to thank Jeanne, and all the group members for making this a success. I do know that Jeanne and I are working diligently to open My DBT Life up in a direction that can really be a source for family members of those with mental disorders too, as we have noticed there is a very large need for support and direction for those helping ones with mental health.

We have seen the tireless efforts of many who struggle with different types of mental disorders, from all over the globe, work hard at being healthy and staying healthy. Kudos to them! At the same time, we have seen that there is this growing need to not only educate the one dealing with the disorder, but their loved ones too. In some cases, it is the loved one that is reaching out, but in other cases, even though the loved one is not reaching out, it does not mean they aren't searching for direction in this matter either.

Coming to grips with a mental disorder can be frightening for all involved. Particularly those who are not in the fold of education, and that is our support systems. They see us working, they see us trying so very hard and yet, they are unable to see certain aspects of progress, not because they do not want to. But simply because they aren't aware of this process, they may not understand the lingo, or what "Failing Well" looks like. These are the ones we want to offer assistance to. Help them to see their son, daughter, sister, wife, brother, husband... loved one's.... successes and help them to keep their failures in proper perspective and at the same time, be heard that this is hard on everyone.

So, that is what my assessment has brought to the table. Making the choice to step back in order to assess where My DBT Life is going, and having the time to make it happen effectively, plus keep my responsibilities to myself, my mental health and my family, are so very important to me. I am doing this with a joyful and balanced heart, because that is what my wise mind is telling me. I have spent a long time training my wise mind and it is my responsibility to listen to it.

These are choices that may not seem easy at face value, but when weighed against the bigger picture of what is effective, it becomes clear what is the right thing to do. Please, for any out there that want to learn and use DBT skills in their lives, join us and be a part of My DBT Life!

Thank you all!

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