Thursday, April 16, 2015

Something to ponder

Being connected gives us a resource that can be quite useful.
I pulled this picture from one of our group members Google+ post. Many thanks for the share! Please, get connected and interact. You will feel less alone and the journey will be less painstaking.

My DBT Life Peer Support, does not focus on rehashing old problems, we focus on uplifting one another and encouraging one another by shared experiences and the use of skills. 

When I first started learning DBT, I ran into what I felt was a wall. I heard the skills, I could read what they were and what they meant, but I didn't understand the how. I didn't see how they translated into my every day life. That is what peer-support offers. Real life situations and how DBT looks inside of them. Also, how other forms of therapy or skills work for real life experiences. 

Please come and share. I know we could learn something from you too!


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