Saturday, April 4, 2015

A celebration of acceptance.

A common thread in our group discussions have been around the topic of Acceptance, so I have been pouring over DBT skills on the subject, a refresher course of sorts. I have also been working on a specific, personal goal: body image and acceptance.

Due to the residual affects of Borderline Personality Disorder, PTSD and anxiety disorders, I am left with a strong will to fight for a life worth living, a fantastic drive to better myself and a thirst for peace...


a body image that is pathetic at best. Clearly, I have a touch of body dysmorphia at play going on under the surface. I have spent months and years paying attention to the issues that were most pressing, the ones that threatened my life. Now is time to pay special attention to the underlying ones, that while they are not particularly life threatening, they will unravel all of the work I have spent so much time and energy on, if they are not dealt with. Ta-da: body image. 

So in an effort to celebrate acceptance I took a black and white photo of myself sans make-up and I am sharing it here. I encourage everyone to do this. Take a candid photo of yourself that is. Take one that pushes the limits of how you see yourself. I was a bit scared of doing this at first, but after much deliberation I decided that since part of acceptance is not fighting against the raging current of disapproval of whatever it is that you are having a hard time accepting, that I needed to train myself. So, in the spirit of training via safe exposure I give you me: 

I invite anyone and everyone to join me, share a photo of yourself and encourage one another. Each and every one us struggle from day-to-day - obviously with varying issues, but we all struggle. In a show of solidarity, please share your photo in your comments. 


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