Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What makes you happy?

I know it sounds silly, but when I am really in the muck of things and I see the sun peering through what feels to be the murkiness of any given day, it makes me happy. Having something to look forward to is such a great way to combat the deafening crush of depression. The trick is, if the something you look forward is spectacular - all the time, you run the risk of having a great big let down afterwards. 

I am not implying not to have great big plans, of course, by all means enjoy what you are able to in life, what I am referring to is something to look forward to by way of a skill, should be small and calculable. Something you can use repeatedly and have the ability to measure it's effectiveness. 
Most people already do this, sadly we have become accustomed to whatever it is that we look forward to being something that adversely affects us. Like over eating, drinking or the abuse of "partying" - we need to look for things that can help pull us through the darker times, something that we can tangibly look forward to that won't harm us, but that will add to our daily lives. I know it sounds cliche' - but I think of that red-headed freckled-face orphan:

The sun'll come out 
Bet your bottom dollar 
That tomorrow 
There'll be sun! 

Just thinkin' about
Clears away the cobwebs, 
And the sorrow 
'Til there's none! 

When I'm stuck a day 
That's gray, 
And lonely, 
I just stick out my chin 
And Grin, 
And Say, 

The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on 
'Til tomorrow 
Come what may 
Tomorrow! Tomorrow!
I love ya Tomorrow! 
You're always
A day
A way!

Yes, I know, I know, it is a little sappy! But sappy isn't always a bad thing. If it made just one reader out there smile, then it was worth it! ~ Seriously, while that song may be annoying to quite a few, the principal behind it is what I am getting at here, even if it is as simple as the sun rising tomorrow, find something to look forward to...daily. That will, at the very least, help move away a tiny portion of the darkness that is mental illness. 

Something else to look forward to: This Sunday May 11 @ 5 p.m. Pacific Time - GROUP! Anyone that is interested, and isn't already on our Google Hangout's list for group, please feel free to email me and get on the list for the invite ~

The subject we will be discussing is Radical Acceptance thanks to +Kayti Link - she had a great question in the comments section here
Keep an eye out for +jeanne goloub offering an insightful post on this subject in the coming days, so that everyone can be prepared for questions, experiences, successes and failures to share with group on Sunday. I hope to see as many as can manage to be there!


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