Friday, May 2, 2014


Tomorrow will be 7 weeks post ankle fracture. I have finally been able to remove my plaster cast and now have a removable cast, or a "walking cast", which is ironic for me because I still cannot walk.

I am told I have 6 more weeks to go before I can bear weight. I have used distraction, helping others, and environmental changes in order to not go out of my mind being stuck in a wheelchair incapable of doing most regular things that we tend to take for granted. Boy, do I have a whole new appreciation for persons who are disabled!

Please understand, I am not complaining because I fully understand that there are many, many others out there that are suffering way worse than my puny little world of wheelchair confinement. Like my brother-in-law, recently lost his right hand in a working accident. Very tragic and I need to remember, no matter how freaked out I get thinking in advance at going another 6 weeks without walking that it could be worse...I could be without my limb and have no hope of walking again.

You see, my logic mind screams these reminders at me hourly. However, my emotion mind is screaming equally loud things that drag me down, things that make me feel trapped and full of anxiety. I go in circles. My two sides are tugging and pulling at one another.

How does this relate to milestones? Well, during this very difficult time for me, I am hitting a mark. May 2 marks 6 years of my life being set on the right track. I want to be happy, I want to celebrate the achievement.

I have been building a tool box. I have spent many hours learning how to cope with things that are extremely difficult to cope with. I am currently going through hardships that are attempting to rip up the foundation that I have spent so many years carefully laying down to build a life worth living on.

Reflection is very important to persons with mental illness. It is my responsibility to periodically take a toll of where I am, reflect where I have been and course change accordingly. What I am in control of and what I am not in control of?

I need, I must reign in my logic and emotion mind and pull them close, analyze my situations and experiences and set myself firmly in wise mind. The more decisions I can make from Wise Mind the more successful I will become, in getting through the next 6 weeks, and getting through some of the other things that could have a lasting effect on the quality of future I have.  

Let's celebrate our milestones, evaluate our circumstances, meditate on what is reasonably possible and keep working for success. The experiences we have had in our pasts, recent or otherwise, have structured who we are today!


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