Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Group topics

We had a great group on last Sunday! A great big thanks to everyone who attended and to those who presented material.

What we would really like to do is open this post up to questions on topics, or suggested topics to be covered during groups. As of today, the next groups platform is open, so let's hear from readers about what they would like to know more about. My DBT Life has quite a lot of resources available, so the topics are not that limited. Whether it be a person that is part of a support system wanting to know how they can do their job more effectively, or a consumer wanting to understand a particular skill better or how that skill may look in real life... Please post your thoughts or questions.

Currently, we are collaborating with readers and from those groups, posts will be generated for the blog so that those who could not attend can benefit from the material presented.

Have a great day everyone!


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Radical Acceptance - Group: 5-11-14

For more information on Radical Acceptance you can search that term on this blog, or feel free to read this post - it was one that had some good examples for readers to think on. 

Anyone interested in group on Sunday, May 11, 2014 @ 5 p.m. Pacific Time please email me and I can add your Gmail to the Google Hangout. 
Hope to see everyone there!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What makes you happy?

I know it sounds silly, but when I am really in the muck of things and I see the sun peering through what feels to be the murkiness of any given day, it makes me happy. Having something to look forward to is such a great way to combat the deafening crush of depression. The trick is, if the something you look forward is spectacular - all the time, you run the risk of having a great big let down afterwards. 

I am not implying not to have great big plans, of course, by all means enjoy what you are able to in life, what I am referring to is something to look forward to by way of a skill, should be small and calculable. Something you can use repeatedly and have the ability to measure it's effectiveness. 

Friday, May 2, 2014


Tomorrow will be 7 weeks post ankle fracture. I have finally been able to remove my plaster cast and now have a removable cast, or a "walking cast", which is ironic for me because I still cannot walk.

I am told I have 6 more weeks to go before I can bear weight. I have used distraction, helping others, and environmental changes in order to not go out of my mind being stuck in a wheelchair incapable of doing most regular things that we tend to take for granted. Boy, do I have a whole new appreciation for persons who are disabled!

Please understand, I am not complaining because I fully understand that there are many, many others out there that are suffering way worse than my puny little world of wheelchair confinement. Like my brother-in-law, recently lost his right hand in a working accident. Very tragic and I need to remember, no matter how freaked out I get thinking in advance at going another 6 weeks without walking that it could be worse...I could be without my limb and have no hope of walking again.

You see, my logic mind screams these reminders at me hourly. However, my emotion mind is screaming equally loud things that drag me down, things that make me feel trapped and full of anxiety. I go in circles. My two sides are tugging and pulling at one another.