Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DBT Groups

Free - Virtual DBT Groups!

What are the components of an effective Group?

First, you will need participants. Second, flow of useful information and third, resources.

My DBT Life offers just that, and best of all it is free!

How does it work?

Follow the easy steps below:

1. Sign-up to receive the My DBT Life blog posts via email, Facebook, g+ or simply visit the site often. Announcements will be made from the blogger site as well as updates to skills, encouragement and other relevant information. We encourage comments and interaction at the blog site.

2. Sign-up to participate, or at the very least read, the posts made at Lefora - forums. This is the place to introduce yourself and interact with others by posting your own successes and failures, your questions and offering your insight to others.

3. Attend the chats (groups). Currently we do not have a schedule, but with enough participants we can form groups that can meet on a regular basis via chat. (We are also looking into meeting via Google Hangouts as well)

Through these 3 easy steps, you can participate in a virtual group. We certainly are not implying this should replace any formal therapeutic training or groups you are working through. However, for many of us out there insurances won't pay for groups, or we don' t have the resources in our area, or we are at a place in our recovery that it is too difficult to make this sort of reach in person. That is OK and that is why My DBT Life can help!

We communicate the needs of the groups, design forms, handouts and useful skills descriptions that you can later go back to and locate easily to refresh your memory. We develop crisis plans, learn how to construct effective support teams, and offer a safe place to be heard. So for people who are looking to learn more or simply beef up on their skills, please consider joining and participating in My DBT Life's virtual groups.


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