Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DBT Groups

Free - Virtual DBT Groups!

What are the components of an effective Group?

First, you will need participants. Second, flow of useful information and third, resources.

My DBT Life offers just that, and best of all it is free!

How does it work?

Chat - This Friday November 22, 2013

All who are interested ~ Please join us for a chat this Friday, November 22, 2013.

The time is open so far, please shoot me an email, a comment here on Google+ or Facebook, as to who may be interested and what timing is good for you!


"Focusing on you" - continued

So why did I correlate the quote,

"If you don't know your own worth or value, then do not expect someone else to calculate it for you."

with focusing on ourselves and the 3 states of mind?

Part of living a life worth living is that, that worth is coming from you not those around you. You have to see it in the mirror, you have to give yourself that power.

Something that we are all too aware of is that what we say and do, how we behave impacts those around us.

So it seems that it is a natural leap that we try and balance us with those around us. While this is natural, it is also very important to keep the proper understanding of that balance. On one side, yes, be very aware of how you impact the world around you, that speaks to accountability. On the other side, how that impact affects those around us after the accountability factor is on them, not you. So you do not define yourself based on what those around you defines you as.

Does this make sense? Can you see that fine line that exist between accountability and relying on the approval of the people around you? They are imperfect too, so the problem lies in when you put all of your stock into what your mate is feeling about a situation or if you put all of your worth in what your loved ones think about your journey, you are stealing the power of momentum from yourself and are disabling the ability of your three states of mind to function properly and therefore as a result will find that you cannot access wise mind as often or as effectively as needed. All due to the fact that if something is off with your loved one, it will thwart your ability to see your power to over-come you being off baseline. It is also called codependency and is dangerous.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Bring the focus in a little!

Don't let it alarm you! I know that focusing on yourself can seemingly feel unnerving. I mean after-all, isn't that what you have been doing for some time now? Isn't all this therapy, maybe medications, groups, research etc part of focusing all on you? 

To a degree, yes. However, that isn't what I am referencing here. I always consider myself to be "under-construction" - so I don't see a time that I won't be reaching out for skills or to learn something  new about myself. 

However, there is a different kind of focus. This kind is of the self-assessment variety. Or self-discovery. 

Please, read on...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The impact of words

Here are some great quotes I ran across today. I wanted to share them with everyone because they speak volumes for humanity and that we are all in this together and we share such deep personal feelings with people that we may not realize. Also, in DBT, Radical Acceptance, emotion regulation and failing well are hard concepts to move on, yet these quotes hit on them so eloquently. Thank-you to the folks at!
Enjoy ~

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Comments and Interaction

Dawn , Kasey, & Leah (and any who may lurk and really want to comment :),

Thank-you for your comments recently. I try to respond to all comments, unfortunately we are in the middle of moving our comments from "Intense Debate" to "Google+"  ~ So, consider this my response, as I cannot directly access your specific comments ~ 

Dawn, I loved your two cents and this is exactly the place for those thoughts! That is what My DBT Life is about, sharing and offering ideas, experiences and insight to one another. My hope is that no family has to fight mental illness alone, ever.

Many thanks to Leah for joining me in chat last month. It has been a crazy month since and we have been working hard at getting My DBT Life out for more internet visibility. I sincerely look forward to when we get more participants and we can do it more regularly!

We all know the importance of gaining strength in numbers and that is what My DBT Life's goal is, gather as many people who share a common weakness or disability and gain strength and encouragement to build a life worth living... together.