Thursday, October 3, 2013

Seasons Change

Yes folks, we really do get this much rain! 

So the chat hasn't been that popular. I am still available and I really want to see this aspect of My DBT Life gain some traction. Please consider joining. 

On another note: Summer is truly over and Fall has sunk its teeth in. Especially around the Pacific Northwest. Just since the first day of Fall we have already had 2 major wind and rain storms! It's crazy. So with the rain, comes the gray days. I plan on preparing...


Well, I am taking out skill cards this week, and pulling one a week and focusing on that skill all week long. I am not going to wait until I feel gloomy, I am going to head it off. 

This week:

Be Kind to Yourself. 

So I am going to find ways to be kind to myself this week. However, since disordered eating has always been a monkey on my back, I plan to specifically steer clear of any kindness shown in the form of food. Even cooking. While I will still use cooking as a distraction skill because I do enjoy cooking so very much, I will not use that enjoyment as a form of being kind to myself. I will find other things. I am really going to dig deep on this one. It has always been a difficulty for me because it requires that I think long and hard about myself in a very loving and nurturing way. 

The value in this of course, is to learn to be OK with yourself, for who you are, not for who you want to be, or hope to be or think you should be. I may be at the maintenance stage of handling my mental illness, but the subject of loving myself for me has always been a soft spot. So that is why I choose to start with this focus.

How about you? Please share some skills you find useful to combat the gloomy days.