Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let's get to chatting!

OK, we are trying out a chat room. We'll want feedback, let's hear what everyone thinks. 

Chat room access will be done by invitation only. Come join Lefora for free at; and follow the directions on the board to receive an invite.. Email me if you any problems @

The chat room should work like this: It will be open all the time, so once you have an invite you can pop in at any time and see if someone else will be there. We will also schedule times for people to meet, and those schedules will be posted on the Blog and inside the forum. 

Again, I cannot stress this enough, please give us your input. This is a new arrangement for us, as the last one was a bit different, and we are determined to create an environment that is safe, friendly, and useful for all. 


Thanks for the pic: