Friday, January 4, 2013


Now that looks pretty final! Fortunately for all the readers who do not need any extra reason to be anxious, I DO NOT buy into the whole, "2012 Doomsday"....

But it was very fitting for the point of this post. We all at times feel like that pic, I know we do because I have been there so many times that either I am a one case out of 2 billion, or it is pretty common for persons with mental health issues. 

Let's deal with the point here....

With the new year it is more than expected to do an assessment. If any of you are like me you already do an assessment when an anniversary date goes by. Some date that marks a pivotal moment for you in this ride of mental health. For some it is a mark from their last attempt at suicide, others may mark it from their entry into a mental health support system, like therapy or the like. All are great ways to measure your progress.

I reason this... I always mark and take notice of my progress from the last time I made an attempt on my own life. That keeps me with it, sort of on base for the reality that I live. Anytime I get lazy with skills or start to believe that "I am all better" and I do not need any of the boundaries that I have put into place (for a seriously good reason) I re-evaluate based on where I was in May of 2008 and where I am now. That usually grounds me enough to keep going.

However, the annual "check-in" based on a calendar year is super helpful for one major reason.... it has the potential of being a log of your mental health all wrapped up into one neat little file, so to speak.

Let me explain. If you use a calendar.  A regular calendar, even the family one is fine. You understand certain symbols to mean certain things, you will be able to track your behavior for an entire year and when that year is over, you can file it in a cabinet and do the next and then the next and so on. At the end of each calendar year you can jot down on the back side of the calendar your progress in totals of how many times you engaged in target behavior, how many times you fought off the desire to engage and perhaps how many times you consiously flushed your skills out of frustration. 

All are good to know how often you do them. Or how infrequent you do them. With each passing year you will have a file folder of calendars showing you your progress. Visuals are always good motivators. 

So grab a calendar and start tracking, or if you have already begun, grab the next and keep tracking! 



For those that may be confused - no I did not go insane and forget that it is really 2013! I was cleaning up the blog and getting ready to make a post because embarrassingly it has been 6 months, and I saw this draft in my posts. I had never posted it!!! I honestly thought I had, so I felt it was so applicable, just as it was last year and since none of those "end of the world" predictions came to fruition, I figured, why not post it now. So here it is, a year late, but info that is just as useful now as it was last year.