Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Well Folks, I haven't forgotten about all my wonderful friends here at My DBT Life.

I have been, however, very busy in life. Nothing out of the ordinary really, just life. It is going very smoothly and I am happy to report that over-all I am living and breathing my skills and my life that I have built that is worth living. 

The reason I haven't posted much has nothing to do with things not going well or relapses, rather it is because I have been reflecting on why I started this peer-support endeavor to begin with. 

I was at a point in my life where living DBT wasn't coming very easily. I had decided that I needed somewhere to go that I could talk about my successes and failures in a positive, up-building manner. I wanted something to share and be shared with, around those that were like minded or having similar experiences, persons that could relate. 

As time went on and DBT did start to come out in my behavior more naturally it felt as though this project was picking up momentum. But one thing was missing. One major thing...


I wasn't really getting feed-back or participation in the groups or the forums. Hardly any comments here on the blog either. I pondered over why that was. My content was solid, my subject was practical. But it was obvious why there was the gap of participants. 

These experiences in our lives make it very difficult to lay bare to strangers or even loved ones. I was getting readers, people who no doubt were enjoying to observe, but not many who wanted to share. Which is 100% fine, I certainly am not faulting anyone for wanting to just observe. Those people are just as important as the ones who do want to share. 

However, I really wasn't looking for something where I exposed my daily life to a world of people without names or faces. To people who weren't really tangible. People who I could not interact with. I have had enough feed-back to know that there are many of you who very much enjoy reading my experiences and the way DBT translates into my life, and for that I certainly am not throwing in the towel for My DBT Life, but I have decided, which has become obvious, that I simply cannot post as often as I was. I am more than happy to share bits along the way, when something really strikes me that would seem useful to others. 

Unless I hear otherwise, I am going to go with this new approach. Thank-you all for coming along on this ride, and I still hold out hope that the endeavor will make a difference somewhere and with some people!

As always, I invite to hear from you. Let me know what you think or if you want to see something different.  

Much love to all