Monday, June 13, 2011

My New Best Friend



Pure Order

They may not do much for home decor but I tell you what...

Getting organized is key to emotional well being. Time slips away from us entirely too easy and before we know it hours have passed and we have not accomplished half of what we intended to. 

Disorganization + never-ending "To-Do" list = off baseline. 

Reduce your chaos by making a list. Put it in a visible spot and work from it. It makes taking those small steps to accomplishing something bigger that much more simple. 

Granted a large dry erase board may be out of the question on a decorative level, but I say weigh your options. 

Door A: a tidy structured day accomplishing many things and coloring out of the lines a tad with your home decor theme.

Door B: accolades in your home decor and dysfunction with your emotional state of being.

I think our husbands, wives or mates would prefer Door A. without a doubt. Give it a whirl and see if your daily life doesn't improve merely in a matter of organization. Which will lead to clearer thinking, more accomplishments, more mastery, and a whole lot happier you.



  1. Fab idea MJ! I will have to try this =) Thank you x

  2. Great idea! My roommate and I used this system for our bills in college and it worked wonderfully. They all were paid in full and on time each month. It would have been chaos if we hadn't. I never thought to apply this to my current life. Thanks MJ!


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