Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise...

Did you notice something? Most bloggers take advantage of Google ads. This isn't a surprise. It makes sense really, especially when your blog or website is for a purpose that isn't making money anywhere else and you spend the kind of time on it as if it were a part-time job. No big deal right?

Or maybe it is a big deal...

There are two different kinds of Google ad supported webpages and blogs:

  1. The glaringly obvious.
  2. Tasteful.
Here are some examples:

Please understand, I personally find this blog fascinating, but the Google Ads are a bit much... OK a LOT bit much. Of course it doesn't stop me from visiting the site! Check it out: Statement Analysis. (Alright, so when I go to this website, their ads are ridiculous, but Aj followed the link and there weren't any, I checked, and there they were. I don't know enough about the World Wide Web to understand this discrepancy, so here is a page that there is no doubt...very glaring: Million Dollar Homepage - feast your eyes)

Now here is an example of a blog discreetly using Google Adsense: A Northwest Guy in Central Thai. (and no, I am not the same MJ! That was purely coincidence, I randomly searched Blog Spot and wound up at his)

I know, I know, where am I going with this, right? Well, Aj and I have decided to do is remove Google ads so that the readers do not have to deal with flashing ads and what-not, but we have decided to add something else. 

My website is purely done on my own time and my own dime and when I am regularly posting, it is quite time consuming, as well as when we do groups on a regular basis. Which I love to do, and I look forward to when we have enough interest to be able to hold them regularly again! So what you will notice now is a spotlight sponsor. Feel free to check them out or simply ignore them. Whatever suits your fancy. It will be a product that I have found interesting enough to feature and the ad will sit quietly in the upper left hand column and that will be all. Occasionally I may post something about the spotlight sponsor, if it has really struck me.  

For now we have chosen Kangen Water. Check-out the website, it makes great points about the wisdom in drinking water that is pH-balanced to what our bodies need to feel their absolute best. Aj feels strongly about it's benefits, I personally am a harder sell. It is an investment and honestly, that was my hesitation. When you watch some of the videos it is inarguable that there are health benefits to drinking pH of 9.5. So anyways, check-it out if I have peeked your interest, if not...thanks for reading through this. 

I felt that if I had ads on my website and I cared about my readers at all, if I truly felt that my readers were part of "our group" that I would not randomly throw products out there. Rather it is far more personal and kind to put something out there that I am willing to put a little time into myself into. 

Have a great day everyone ~ 


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