Friday, March 4, 2011

What other kind of beard is there anyway?

Urgency has the beard of a Hebrew prophet and the eyes of a medieval alchemist. He reads history books in the middle of the night. He stands behind me when I am at the typewriter. He is brilliant, and his thoughts leap across great startling distances, but he expects me to go back and fill in the missing pieces. He is impatient with my tendency to avoid strenuous exercise. 

Urgency hates to be late. He runs up the stairs racing the escalator. He works for a messenger service on weekends. He is always on the lookout for allies. If urgency thinks you may be able to help him, he will sit you down and ask you for your life story. First, he wants to find out what motivates you, and then, he listens for what fascinates you. - The Book of Qualities - J. Ruth Gendler

Although a sense of urgency is appropriate at times, we must remember that it can also reduce our effectiveness and get us into trouble - Urgency will find out what motivates you....

and then use what fascinates you to fuel itself....

Without mindfully befriending Urgency you may find that slowing down is near impossible,

Ultimately, you can soar without Urgency and just a little well used energy can give you wings!


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  1. Love the graphics! Kind of like a beautiful coffee-table photo book, but with profound thoughts sprinkled in.


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