Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Testimony as to how cRaZy AJ is: -Test-Test-Test

(In preparation to moving from WordPress to Blogger awhile back, AJ set up and developed ways to post and different things he could have automatically open when I open a "new post" - I found this one.... silly silly man. I only just found it, and I had a good laugh, I thought you would too!)

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Hello my name is Bob,

I say that because that is actually my name and I would like to be call by my name, Bob.  Please do not spell my name Bob backwards because that would make me sad when I read boB instead of Bob!  When I grow up I might go by the name of Richard, but for now just call me Bob.  I think its better go by Bob and not Richard because the other name for Richard is Dick and nobody likes a Dick, so just call me Bob.

Thank you, this is Bob signing off!



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  1. Thanks! lol

    I do feel it necessary to state that it is not ME who is crazy... it is -BOB!

    HE is the one that was controlling the keyboard on that day, and if... -IF- there were any cyber crimes committed at that time, HE is the one responsible for them all!




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