Saturday, February 26, 2011

No wonder I can't get out of bed!

If this is what were to happen to you within 5 minutes of you laying down in your bed, would there be much motivation to get out of bed and stay out of it?

No joke, I lay down and these two lazy-bones are in position within 5 minutes. Those are my legs on either side of them! OK, so they are very good snugglers, and yes it is hard to get out of bed when I wake up with them like this too, which is usually the case. I wonder, whatever happened to the black one being the kids' cat? Hmmm.

Moving on... With each day that passes, I gain a little more strength and I get outside a little more. I did something with my daughter yesterday that I really treasured. I reflect back on it, and it makes me wonder why it is that as adults we forget simplicity. We forget innocence, granted for many innocence never existed.

So here's what I do, when I am really emotional and have pent up energy, watching a movie is just not going to cut it. Doing laundry or house-keeping is out of the question because I will just work myself into a frenzy with perfectionism. I will wash the same spot on the stove over and over until I am shaking and sweating, nervously glancing around the kitchen chasing phantom smudges. Leaving me more overwhelmed than when I began. So, I sing. Loudly.

But this time I sang with my daughter and I learned something. At first I felt a little self-conscious. But I soon realized she couldn't care less if I was off key, nor did she even know if I was, or at least she didn't cringe when I did! She watched me so intently, just soaking it up. I kept singing as if I was serenading her. She watched even closer until she caught the words to the song too, then before you know it I was letting it all out and she was singing along and we danced around like we were in a music video! Kids are so care-free that it amazes me.

It was a wonderful moment, so I stretched it into many moments and I intend on using this one again. It burned all of my nervous energy, I was able to get back to the simplicity of the many moments I do have in my life, and I am grateful for them all!

Thank-you Bradyn, for the wonderful experience!


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