Saturday, January 1, 2011

Get set...ready... GO!

Ladies and gentlemen! (assuming there are gentlemen who read) Guess what today is? OK, so I sort of gave it away with the intro. This isn't about resolutions or superstitions about the new year. Rather this is a reminder that there is something that a new year brings that should motivate us to action. That is...

A new calendar. Today marks the beginning of a new calendar and therefore that means it will be that much more simple to keep track of your patterns. Start now, give yourself a little legend, something simple. Like, say a "T" for target behavior or maybe an "X" over the numerical date on the calendar for days that you engage. Use whatever minor markings to track days that you have engaged, days that were borderline to engaging and days that you were able to avoid engaging while in a crisis, maybe a smiley face or something.

Mark your legend in the back page of your calendar and start keeping track. Trust me, this is an amazing experience as you grow. For those of you out there that already track this stuff, I am sure you know how this feels. Even if you engage more times than you would like to, seeing the days that are critical and that you don't engage and seeing the days that you come close but don't engage will really give you the validation you need to keep going. Not to mention the beauty of being able to compare months. Over and above the validation you may even be able to start to see a pattern to emerge and you can better prepare yourself for what you notice about yourself. 

I encourage everyone to start this project. It may be difficult to keep up on it, but if you forget to mark a day, don't sweat it, just get back on the horse and keep going. 

Let's hear about how this works or doesn't work for you! Here's to a great year and lots of learning about ourselves...remember we are all wonderful, beautiful souls and we deserve to be in control of this to the best of our ability. Knowledge is power, empower yourself. 


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  1. I love calendars. When you mentioned your monitoring calendar in another post recently, I was thinking, HOW would one do that? And here you have outlined it so simply. I'm starting today this :)


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