Saturday, January 8, 2011

Building a Life Worth Living

At some point, I seem to have stopped writing about the skills and started living them. Sometimes I don’t even notice that I’m doing it. My training course involves techniques from brief solution-focused therapy. As part of this, we ask clients we consult with what their best hopes are for our work together. DBT did not start like this, probably because I couldn’t have felt or articulated any hope at that point. My goal was not to die by suicide, and some days I wasn’t even totally committed to that. Yet eighteen months in, I realise that DBT has changed my life
 beyond my best hopes. I’m finding  that I want to preach the skills to everyone I talk to, because they work. And the result is that there are more and more days when I do not have to fight the noise in my head to get up and go out and live. The noise of suicide and self destruction and suffering. There is still pain, but I am not suffering in the same way. Until I met radical acceptance, I didn’t even know that pain and suffering were different. Mostly, these days, it is quiet enough in my head for me to be able to hear life. I never expected this; I realise now that my best hope was to find a way to live over the noise.


Thank-you Improving-the-moment for your experience! We love hearing how DBT is working for others. Anyone else who would like to share, please come to the forum.

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