Monday, December 20, 2010

Turned around?

How often do you feel like you are too different for anyone to relate to you? I know when I feel all turned around, I would swear that there is no one in this world that has the same thought processing as I do. That is probably why learning about Borderline Personality Disorder was such a great relief. I don't buy into the whole diagnosis of the masses, but I do find it fascinating to learn about mental illnesses that fit my experiences. This same relief came when I started to see the effects of DBT. Why? because I was regularly reminded of the truism that I am not alone.

I know that in general people tend to want to be unique. And unique is wonderful, it really is. We can get lost in the sea of people if we don't have things about us that are unique. But being too different can make it harder on us when we are suffering the effects of our mental illness. Especially in terms of our suffering being what is different about us.

The idea that we are the only ones suffering the complex reality of our daily minds seems to take over. But how relieving it is when we are reminded that we are in fact not alone. I realized that the desire we have to be "alike" those around us starts young. Please understand I am not referring to be like drones. But which one of you didn't like to dress like your best friend when you were younger? Come on now, honestly? I realized this about ourselves as people when I was taking this photo of our daughter. This is her and her best friend, they were glowing because they were wearing dresses alike. Granted they are 5 & 6 and at that age dressing alike is cool. I wouldn't suggest that you go get matching cat outfits with your friend or anything.

What do I learn from this? That it is comforting to be reminded that we are not alone, especially when we are suffering. Peer-support is where we can be reminded of this. So I am sending out a call to action, join the forum, make comments here on the posts, offer questions, thoughts etc. We are not alone and we can gain confidence in our experiences by sharing and learning from one another, we too can glow even if we are suffering.

Hope to see you in the forum!


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