Thursday, November 4, 2010

I've had an epiphany! No, this has nothing to do with Magi.

With a mental illness there are so many things around you that are serious. And I mean really serious. I wanted to reach so many people that are suffering and somehow give them a conforting word or ten about how it can really be OK. Some days, I believe it too, and it is almost as if on the days that I don't believe it, I need to tell someone else that it will be OK, just so it can be OK for me too. Tell someone who is listening anyways. 

I don't want this peer-support page to be filed to the end of peoples bookmark lists as too serious. Life is full of so much opportunity and wonder and for some of us just getting out of bed, breathing is all the wonder we are going to see for quite some time, but that doesn't mean we can't laugh about it. We can "taste" life just the same as if it were me nor you that was flying to Italy or taking a road trip across country. For some of us out there, the highlight of our week is getting to the grocery store without an episode, so let's celebrate that accomplishment, the way it should be...shared and laughed. Joy.

There isn't enough joy in most of our lives, we have to find it, we have to be given it, we have to take it, from where ever we can. 

So let me do this differently, I started this blog almost a year ago and we have had great success at times and not so great success. We are gearing up for some wonderful growth here in our own neck of the woods. Although, sadly when we made the move to blogger, we haven't been getting our whole group that we had at WordPress and Lefora. I feel like I have lost group members, we have lost experiences and expressions. So for anyone who thinks they are not making much of a difference, just knowing you are out there reading is making a difference. 

I would like to properly introduce me and my family. This is who we really are and these really real people, suffer, laugh, cry and scream the same as any of you. Well, I think I may actually scream a bit better than most! :) My name is MJ:

I would introduce you to AJ, but he doesn't allow photographs to be taken of him. I promise you this: I WILL get him! Soon. :) 

We have 6 spoiled babies. Two of which are OK to kick, meet Caramel and Onyx:
10 bucks to whoever can guess which is which

Here are the four that I cannot (legally) kick. OK, my heart wouldn't allow me to either:
Our eldest getting his hair cut, no we would not allow him to
look all wiley and crazy... well not on purpose anyways! At time
 I may refer to him as "mine", not because AJ doesn't claim him,
rather, because he is mine from my first marriage.
Our next down, eating a really really really NOT healthy treat. He is the "yours" in the "Yours, Mine and Ours" combo - AJ's from his first marriage. 
This would be "Our" princess and we love her
more than all three combined...

Our last and final son. He was the most precious and sweet "surprise" I have ever received. Life would not be the same without him.

Now that you have met us, we cannot wait to meet you! Please join the forum and let's hear from you! My DBT Life strives to take mental illness seriously, we just don't have to take life so seriously. We will cover DBT skills every Sunday night with the hopes that you will sound off about them inside the forum for that week. 

Life goes by so fast, faster even still when we stop suffering for a moment or two. My goal is to help reduce that suffering for myself and others out there as well! The more moments we can make laughable, the fewer moments we have to be suffering and the better chances we have at a life worth living!

See ya inside the forum! 


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