Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Don't tell me I can't have what I want!

Longing studies archeology. She is at home in the future as well as the past. She collects mirrors and antique necklaces. The lamps in her living room have embroidered shades, silk with beaded fringes. She takes long walks in the early autumn evening when everything looks dark green and purple and brown and deep blue, and the windows of the little houses shine yellow from the lights inside.

Longing speaks the language of dreams. She is a dancer and an actress. She knows tides and currents and pirates. She has swum in all the oceans, and traveled to places that the rest of us have only visited in our sleep.

Although I have met Longing many times, it is not easy to describe her appearance. She dresses herself with an awareness of where she is going and who will be there. It is more than the costumes though. Even the gossip columnist who notices everything could not quite remember Longing's height or the color of her sea-filled eyes. If you must see her, invite her to a concert. She is especially fond of the music of stringed instruments.

~J.Ruth Gendler ~ The Book of Qualities

Your desire need not be unattainable. . . 


I cordially invite you to attend a symphony in your honor. The highlight of the evening will be a beautiful piece entitled, "Life Worth Living", by my solo-harpist. This event proves to be enlightening, I am certain you will not be the same as when you arrived. Assuredly you will transform from my deepest desire to my greatest of accomplishments. 



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