Saturday, November 13, 2010

Do Ostriches go: "gobble gobble"?

SO, this is how I feel lately...but there is one thing that I am certain of. And that is my life is DBT. Or at least I strive for DBT to seep into every aspect. So I plan on fighting back.Gratitude

What am I grateful for? Well, there are lots of things. Here are just a few:
My kids and my niece, we can never get a straight forward pic from Gav!
I am grateful for Gavin's constant hugs and Bradyn's bravery. (Notice, she is crouched behind me)
I am grateful for Terrick's strength, he is a powerful young man and has come from a hard road.
I am grateful for McKay's humor. His road hasn't been easy either and he finds humor in what he cannot explain.

I am grateful for wonderful friends that have been with us through our darkest hour...and still take our phone calls!
Last and certainly not least...

This is my dbt life and I plan on making it a life worth living, even on the days that I feel as though I just can't seem to keep my head from being buried in the sand! What are you grateful for?


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