Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Cat's ME-WOW!

So I read an article about a dog that has PTSD  and my heart broke for him. Could you even imagine suffering PTSD and not even be cognitive enough to know that is what you are suffering? It would simply be a way of life. Yuck! But then I started thinking...can a cat suffer PTSD? See, the idea here is that the dog has a body memory of past trauma and responds accordingly. This is true in cases where they have to put down a dog that has been abused because the dog becomes violent and he forever "remembers" and is therefore deemed unsafe. But my thinking is this, do cats remember like that? Mine don't seem to. 

In fact, my cats are almost resilient to a fault. Consider, AJ is a prankster. He loves to torment our cats. (he isn't inhumane, I promise that!) But he does love to laugh at the cats. So when they are kicking about he will place things in their path that they will fall into, off of, over, etc. He likes to make loud unexpected noises and watch them spring 5 feet in the air. Yet, no matter how many times Caramel gets kicked (softly) off of the edge of the bed, because he happened to lay next to AJ's feet, he still lays next to AJ's feet! Either he is really super stupid or he doesn't hold a grudge. 

Maybe he has a little bit of a power struggle going with AJ too. He may be purposefully "challenging" him! Wouldn't that be hilarious. Sometimes, I really do wish we could hop into those animals heads. Anyways, back on track here. My point...I want to be as resilient as my cats. I want to be able to take each and every moment for what it is. Cat's do not seem to time travel at all...they don't seem to ever suffer the past or what they think to be the future. They just go with each and every moment. Accomplishing what they need to in that moment. I know they aren't stupid animals, in fact there is quite of bit of research done on cats, dogs, and other animals being theraputic for your mental health. Caramel is my cat. So if I am having an episode of chronic crying or what-have-you, he will come right to me and sit next me, letting me pet him. If another person comes near my space while I am having this episode he will position himself in-between me and the other person. AJ and I have practiced different scenarios with this, it is amazing to see. He (the cat) is obviously trying to "protect" my emotional well-being. He doesn't get all bent as if I am in physical danger. As neat as all that is, it is just further proof that the animal is not stupid. 

I have decided that I am going to take a lesson from my time traveling. I do not need to put myself in harms way, but I need not time travel either. There is a difference and if my cats can figure it out, then darn-it, so can I!


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