Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DBT Forum **3/09/15***

**We had to close the forum for awhile because of lack of participation.

However we do offer groups. Please read about them here. We have found that these groups are a much better way to stay connected and get real-time responses for questions.

Thank-you - MJ

Thank you for being an important part of My DBT Life . com!

To benefit fully from our online peer-support group please:
  1. Subscribe to our weekly blog –
  2. Follow us on Twitter for frequent mindfulness Tweets - @mydbtlife
  3. Join our forum for Peer-Support & discussions about the weekly post – Forum
  4. Join our Face Book page to increase awareness of our services - F.B. PAGE

    If you would like to help in financially supporting our efforts please visit our Donations page to find out - How are my donations used?

If you cant help financially at this time that's OK! You can:
  • Post a link to on any page that you own: Face Book, My Space, Twitter, Your BLOG or Your Website- Every link helps us reach the ones who need these services!
  • Volunteer some of your time as a moderator in our forum. If you are certified as a peer-support person or just a friendly listening ear with experience, all are welcome to donate their precious time to help others in similar situations. Please E-mail us for more information!

Thank you!

MJ ~

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